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Out Of Fuel is a strategy game where you have to get to the pickup using the least amount of fuel possible

NOTICE TO YOUTUBERS: Please don't cover this game and call it 'free' - the game WILL become paid, and I'd rather it not get attention as a free game. I hope you understand, thanks.

Game Jolt

Early Access

  • Scores will be wiped with every major update
  • Only two levels (hoping to add one every update)
  • There are bugs (be sure to note them!)
  • Thanks for taking part!


The scoreboards that the game use are based around Game Jolt's API, as that's the game's main home. If you want your scores to be saved, and authenticated as yours, then go join Game Jolt! itch.io + Game Jolt = <3


Out Of Fuel is a physics-based-strategy game, where you control a car, and have to get to the pickup while using the least amount of fuel as possible!


Get to the end by using as little fuel as possible!
Your lowest score will be saved, and sent to the global scoreboard!
Also, the maps are getting bigger and bigger every update!

Be the best!

The competition will be hard, but it's up to you to try and beat them!
Outsmart, outplay and find shortcuts to find the shortest route, or the most fuel efficient!


ThrottleW / UP
ReverseS / DOWN
SteeringA & D / LEFT & RIGHT


The game is currently in early access.
At the moment the game is pay what you want, although the game will become paid when I feel it's good enough

Known Bugs

  • You can't click on the input field to change your username in fullscreen
  • Sometimes the camera lags behind the vehicle a bit
Scores will be wiped with every major update during early access!
Published Jan 21, 2017
StatusIn development
GenreAdventure, Racing


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physics are SHIT


Pretty, looking for future updates!